Trade -in service

Thankfully, even in this era, the demand for sports bikes is growing, and I hear a good story. In recent years, it is not limited to the pist, but it is relatively normal to have two bicycles, but there are some space and money in storage and maintenance, right? There are bicycles that want a new one but can't afford the storage space or have no plating. Isn't there a lot of people like that? For such a person, Broturs has started buying bicycles! The purchase model is not limited to the pist, but is a sports motorcycle such as roads, MTB, cross, mini -velo, BMX. A bicycle that came on a good ride. The reason is that you have to let go of it. But if you let go of it anyway, wouldn't it be better to have someone who likes a bicycle like us to take over? As a procedure, please bring your bicycle to the store first. We will assess it based on the model, manufacturer, year, state, etc. If you are convinced of the presentation assessment, we will purchase and pay for the day. * Some bicycles cannot be purchased. Since it will be an secondhand transaction, please prepare the following. ・ ID card (license, insurance card, etc.) ・ Bicycle purchase certificate (receipt at the time of bicycle purchase, delivery note, warranty card, crime prevention registration, etc.) ・ If you receive it, please prepare a transfer certificate. Of course, even if you are considering replacing a BROTURES bicycle in the future, I hope that it will be a trade -in support. Thank you, thank you.
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