Group Ride Report! !

Yesterday was Group Ride! It was very fun! ! Thank you everyone! The course runs from Harajuku BROTURES to Aoyama -dori and goes to the Imperial Palace and passes Ginza to the Honganji Temple! Then, drink and dance at the festival, and return to Tokyo Tower and go through Roppongi to Harajuku BROTURES.
ISING SUNSBoth the founder and coachJason Hutson and others!
good job for today! It was very fun! Thank you very much to everyone who participated. Where should I go next? I would like to visit the beer factory in Ebisu and BBQ. It would be nice if the exchanges between customers were getting bigger and bigger. It's very nice to connect by bicycle. Men and women of all ages, common to all countries. Bicycle circle. wheel. If you couldn't participate this time, let's meet again next month!
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