When my eyes are too bad and I'm not contacting, I think that the grain of the floor is a bit dark on the floor. I'm just sweeping with a broom. Continuing from last weekOtaki of T19 took me to the Shinkoyoko skate park! After work, I went to an exhibition such as CARHARTT and then went to the new side by Otaki's car.
Practice the lamp yesterday! No, it was fun. It was very fun. I'm sorry that I couldn't come 4low. Oh, it was fun. Thank you Otaki! ! After that, headed to Aoyama and joined the shooting of YOPPI and SINGO of T19. It was ridiculous
YOPPI! ! You can see the slide of YOPPI, a legend in the Harajuku world, in the skating world that does not require explanation. A CARNIVAL producer who is not an exaggeration to say that HECTIC's director and the spread of fixie bikes. And as a member of T19, he has led the Tokyo skating scene!
SINGO! A member of T19, releasing a signature model from Nike From the personality of SINGO, while being selected as the image commercial of Nike USA and achieving various features Those who are loved by many people! Jump this rail and just make the rail right before landing! ! It was amazing. At the time of the new Yokoko, my knees were laughing and my knees were laughing, I ran together in search of various spots in shooting. The shooting continued until the morning and arrived at the house at 6:00 in the morning. Bear! But I had a very good experience. I slept for 2 hours and came to work, but I had muscle pain. After a long time. After all exercise is good. And the reason for this shooting is the event at the sneaker shop Harajuku chapter of the neighborhood. for.
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