Tachikawa Bicycle Racetrack

A bank driving party sponsored by Nishigawa University was held at Hitachi River Bicycle Racetrack, so I participated in the staff. Tachikawa is a local in the local Girls Bicycle Racing Champion Ruruko Masumige and Mai Tanaka actually how to ride the fix. The participants may have enjoyed it because they could tell me the tips of bank driving directly. Two instructors. As expected, bicycle racer! The strength of the legs and waist is transmitted.
During the tournament, the players are collected and shut out with the outside world! It is to prevent the matchmaker. In fact, if you look at the players training, you will understand, "I will win this time."
During the period, we live in canned food and rooms all the time. The cafeteria of the dormitory was piled up with beer! smile The battle has begun before the race
This is the car inspection site before the race.
If you get a little scratch, you will not be able to pass the vehicle inspection, so a lot of NJS frames and parts that look shiny at first glance were disposed of. The condition is so good that you want to bring it home.
The final adjustment of the condition is performed here to adjust before the race.
Finally, take a commemorative photo in the bank!
This slope is a great head even if you actually stand. It's pretty hard to walk too quickly! Finally, I ran in the bank, but the first lap was really scary! If it is slow, the pedal hits Kant and it seems to be quick, so I have to go at a certain speed. I can't run on the top! It's scary but I have to speed up and attack! But it's really nice to be! ! Above all, the road surface is beautiful, so there is no fine vibration and the acceleration is smooth! There was a completely different pleasure than the street! At this experience session, I could see the back of the bicycle race that I couldn't usually see. In the dormitory where each prefecture stays, there is no vertical society. It was natural to be like a dormitory life in high school, and it was a very interesting story! Above all, Kaying Lampri once a year is 100 million yen! I have a dream! The first place of the lifetime award -winning prize is 2.5 billion yen! ! He is still active and is updating the record. In Tachikawa, we have a bank driving party once a month, so why not try to participate? By the way, this time the gear ratio was at the front 49T and the rear cog 13T. The gear is 3.76. It was just right, so please refer to it.
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