SENSE 12th anniversary issue

Leader bike is published in this month's SENSE, so please check it out!
In this month's issue, both the number of pages and the content are perfect. And this price is amazing. And the 12th anniversary issue of the first issue. Supreme catalog and sticker. Leader Bike is published in 230p!
Clothes tend to be limited on the day of riding a bicycle. Leader Bike is a bike that suits not only casual but also jackets, riders and suits. Don't you think the world will be able to dress up together with bicycles? I went to Kawasaki's planetarium and Taro Okamoto Museum of Art because it was a holiday yesterday. Taro Okamoto is a "artist" face, a "thinker" face, "photographer", "painter", "writer", He has a variety of faces, but he doesn't make any sense for him. For him, art was the life itself, and creating art was living as a human. A bicycle is the life itself, and creating a mileage is to live as a human. And someday. natsuka
September looking for photos of SHURED ALLDAY.
・ Contents post -type photo contest to Facebook
・ Period: September 2 -September 30
・ How to apply: Just post your favorite photo on the BROTURES Facebook page!
・ How to judge: “Like! ] Is determined by the number of
・ Application qualification: Single Speed ​​or Fixed Gear Only
・ Winning prize: 300 $
・ It will be announced on the blog and Facebook in early October Brotures Facebook
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