Nozawa Onsen Training Camp!

It is the five major managers! I left the store for two days and had a land training camp in Nozawa Onsen Village in Nagano Prefecture! I usually train in Gold Gym Harajuku The main part training in the room is the main, but it is only training in the city The movements used are also limited, so sometimes they try different events. I change the environment and train. Or rather, if you train for half a year, you will get tired of itself. 。 。
Ride on a balance board to keep skiing posture and train your balance After this, carry a barbell on this!
Slope dash! Power -based training while pulling tires. This really came to the next day. At first glance it looks like an old training It's a reasonable menu.
This is the starting platform of the ski closs! You can see it even if you watch the video, but it's sober. But the most important training. START GATE This time, it has been packed firmly in five -part training in two days! Training in the mountains really feels good. Yes, it's hard but comfortable. It has nothing to do with the training camp, but thanks to being on a fixie bike Even at this age, my physical strength will go up. The national sports science center, regardless of the event, each of the Japanese national players There is a place to get together and train in Akabane The lactic acid measurement conducted there revealed that the body was unusually tired. Numerically, it is almost the same as 800m on land. Unlike the road, the piste bike has to row down all the time I can't make the gear lighter even on the slope, so I use the power and if I skid There are instantaneous movements. It needs endurance and various movements come in, so the motor nerves do not decline. My physical strength is rising, and it's fun but a very good training. Recently, especially how to row and custom that does not get tired even if you ride for a long time with a fix I finally understand that! I want to provide this kind of thing to customers more and more! Interesting pisto bikes that you notice from the athlete's perspective Let's look for more. Godai
September looking for photos of SHURED ALLDAY. "SHRED ALLDAY !!"
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・ Application qualification: Single Speed ​​or Fixed Gear Only
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