Yesterday was a holiday, so I watched Bob Marley / Roots of Legend.
There is a song called Corner Stone in his famous song, but it seems that it is not well known, but it seems to be a song that made me think about my father. The Stone the Builder Refused Will Always Be the Head-Corner Stone Sing It Brothers The stone that the builder Refuse Will Always Be the Head-Corner Stone You've a the builder baby Here I am a stone Don't you Pick and Refuse me Or the things They shoud Choose Do you Hear Me Hear What I Say The stone abandoned by the architect is always the foundation of a stone that has been driven in one corner. At first glance it is a song that seems to be an innocent song, but the architect is a father and the stone is Bob. "What you refuse is what you choose" The lyrics still remain in my head. Last week I saw "The strongest two people". After all, the culture over there is cool. Oh yeah, do you remember SHRED ALLDAY?
You can apply from any country. The judges are also people all over the country and around the world. Cross the sea and your bicycle in front of people around the world. Overwhelming Japanese culture, that culture to us. Such the remaining period is 8 days left! ! "SHRED ALLDAY !!" ・ Contents post -type photo contest to Facebook ・ Period: September 2 -September 30 ・ How to apply: Just post your favorite photo on the BROTURES Facebook page! ・ How to judge: “Like! ] Is determined by the number of ・ Application qualification: Single Speed ​​or Fixed Gear Only ・ Winning prize: 300 $ ・ It will be announced on the blog and Facebook in early October
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