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You're thinking that you don't have a custom bike recently! We are now renewing the display bike at the store. Almost all vehicles are customized, so I will put it at once from around next week ~ looking forward to. I found a video that was a long time ago, so I'll upload it! Sprint on the street of L.A at high speed, and various things in the city are items. I didn't do skateboarding, but I was completely done. The video isHere The quality of the video is high, and if you see this, you will want to try it. Speaking of skateboarding Yesterday, Supreme's Shibuya was open. About 200 people were lined up this morning. It seems that the staff NATUKA went to the reception It may be up on your blog again!
September SHURED ALLDAY photo recruitment recruitment remaining one day! ! ! "SHRED ALLDAY !!"
・ Contents post -type photo contest to Facebook
・ Period: September 2 -September 30
・ How to apply: Just post your favorite photo on the BROTURES Facebook page!
・ How to judge: “Like! ] Is determined by the number of
・ Application qualification: Single Speed ​​or Fixed Gear Only
・ Winning prize: 300 $
・ It will be announced on the blog and Facebook in early October Brotures Facebook
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