Beauty is on the street

The day before yesterday, I went to Volcom Store Tokyo 5th Anniversary Party.
Congratulations on 5th! Various people are also rushing to celebration, and Nakano's appearance is also. Then what a matter of my deckPrevious blogBut he drew the skoloct I wrote! Sara Marie who was with me also had a Character!
I can't ride because it's a waste And this is today!
In 2001, a gallery and community salon-like space in the Ginza shopping street in Nakameguro, Tokyo-Omigami Experiment (DYEZU-EXPERIMENT!). The second installment of the Experimental Art Surf SHOP, which was held in the large figure where many artists, expressors, neighbors, and overseas visitors met. Stand up by DYEZU CREW and VOLCOM. It has been seven years since the big figure was gone. The edge draws a circle and everyone will do it again. Let's enjoy the big figure and everyone who is the first to do this together! Surfing, Skate, Snowboarding, not just the act of riding, but to travel, meet local people, And, including music and fashion, seeking a moment (MOMENT), the only human being, In a word, "A Way of Life", which spent time and effort through passion and evolved with the times. The passion of the passionate vehicles, the TOKYO, NEW YORK, and the LA artists are collaborative. Experimentals represented by works expressed on the board, many art, books, goods stores, etc. Eass (Experimental Art Surf Shop) is a unique and bold group show.
CHE JEN Chris Mendoza David Ellis DISKAH ESOW Kami Kenji Hirata KIKU YAMAGUCHI Madsaki Mike ming Miyuki pai hirai Naomi Kazama Sasu SHEPARD FAIRLY Rostarr Yuri shibuya Yuri SHIMOJO Board Makers: KATSU Kawaminami from KATSU Kawaminami Surfbords David Edger from Woodstock Surf & Co. ATSUSHI GOMYO from Make Yukiita Opening Party Date: OCTOBER 5th 19:00-21:00 Show Date: OCTOBER 6th-8th 12:00-19:00 Place: 3-15-7 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo VOLCOM JAPAN SHOWROOM 3F+4F There was a great place called the Omigami experiment, so I often talked to the people above. I'm very happy to see the situation at that time! ! I think GRAFFITI and street culture lovers must pass. There are no such opportunities. Beauty is on the street is. And thenA-1 StoreAnniversary Party! Let's go to Vision to celebrate. natsuka
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business hours 12:00~20:00
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