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New product arrival! ! Various BLB products are available. BLB is a London brand and has not been released in Japan. Probably, the place where you can actually see and touch and purchase in Japan is about BROTURES. I will introduce it little by little. First of all, a bullhorn, stem, seat post. BLB Carbon Bullhorn ¥ 7,350
Because it is a carbon almi, it is heavier than full carbon, but has excellent rigidity. Because the handle in the foreground is aero shape, it is easy to put in force and is hard to get tired. Above all, this cost performance. I usually cost 10,000 yen for carbon, but This 7,350 yen is really surprising.
BLB Stem
Carbon ¥ 7,350
Nomal ¥ 3,150
The over -size handle diameter carbon stem has been small so far, so drop handles If you want to put an oversized bullhorn, you may have been waiting. And this cospa is still.
BLB SeatPost Carbon ¥ 6,300/ nomal ¥ 3,150
The carbon is an exquisite angle adjustment because it is a two -volt type from the side.
Please come to see it. It is strange that the five major managers of Broturs are always mosquitoes. Moreover, it is still stabbed at this time. Moreover, I do not notice myself until I point out that the forehead of the five greats is swelling. It is strange. natsuka
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