Brotures Leather Collection [Ankle Band]

One of the winter must -have items It is an introduction of ankle band. The cold wave has arrived, this week "It's cold ~" will be a word that will exchange instead of greetings, At the turn of the season, it is exciting because the coordination of clothes is also strong. Change your feet from shorts to denim or chinopan, making it a little dressy. So what is worrisome is "the highlight of the hem of the pants". Roll -up, boot -in, socks -in! ? There are various things, but this item is all solved.
BROTURES [Ankle Band] Chain LockThe embossed finish of the mesh pattern used for Chrome -free embossed kagome.
[Ankle Band Emboss] ¥ 7,350 This design that uses a skillful mesh pattern and one -piece leather turnover It has a flexible touch. Even if you get off the bicycle, you will want to wear it. Ankle band made of simple genuine leather material, its name is [TIPO/Tipo] No unevenness, high quality, beautiful cowhide A luxury leather carefully selected by a tanned craftsman.
We do not allow each snap to compromise.
Brotures Ankle Band [Snap Tipo] ¥ 6,300
Here is a simple hall type.
Brotures Ankle Band [Basic Tipo] ¥ 6,300 We are particular about the ingredients to be selected, Finish into a delicate part that cannot be seen with the eyes. It's like the quality of a Japanese frame builder. There is no doubt that not only sneakers but also boots and leather shoes. Why do not you use the undercarriage that you are worried about, with the leather of the craftsman?
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