BROTURES LEATHER LOCK additional in stock!

Brotures Leather Collection [Leather Lock] Was additionally in stock. Leather craftsmanTAKAJINThis collection was born in joint development. 100 % domestic leather, Made in Japan. It is made carefully by the craftsman's hands. Brotures Leather Chain Lock ¥ 18,900
The chain lock is The strength rank is highly evaluated by world standards Uses German security brands [ABUS].
By hand sewing the finish line, The strength is increased and there is no worry about fraying. The roller finish added to the salt and oil has a reputation, You can use it rugged even in rain and moisture.
The design with a mesh pattern embossed Adopted chrome -free embossed kagome. The tag is engraved with Brotures. The only lifeline key to protect it even though I made 150,000 or 200,000 bicycles Are you wearing two or 3,000 yen? Are you particular about the bicycle that you've been particular about and a cool bicycle? Please stick to yourself for your bicycle until the end. Because it is made by handmade, mass production is not possible, so the number is limited. Please be forewarned. natsuka
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