Leader Bike Kagero New Color

Leader Bike's top rank model [Kagero Frame] The new model released this winter is I am worried about thick aero frames The interference of the crank part has been resolved. Direct torque cranks and so on NJS cranks can be installed as a matter of course. The color has also been developed two colors, and the range of options has also expanded. Suitable for aluminum in the 7000s full of luxury The color scheme is Phantom Pearl (Black) Two colors of Oceanic Blue (Navy). The evolved kagero gives a luster that makes you enchanted I put it in a new style.
Freshly arrivedBROTURES RIP CRANK SET ¥ 22,050 The direct ride comfort is for all customers who have stepped on A special crank that will satisfy you. You can choose from two colors, chrome plating and black.
A black and hardened machine is also good,
You can also shine the undercarriage with a smart polish part
You can create a definite finish.
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