Tioga Cocoon Pouch!

Tokyo has a lot of snow! ! We continue to accumulate more and more. People at the coming -of -age ceremony will surely be difficult. This wheeled bag is active on such snow and rainy days. Tioga Cocoon Pouch 3,780 yen (tax included)
It is 21cm long, 12cm wide, and 7cm long, so it will be smaller than the saddle! I don't care if I put it in my bag.
Moreover, this TIOGA COCOON POUCH fits just by removing the front wheel. You can do this in this state without one minute. Now you can ride a bicycle in a distant place by putting a bus, a train, an airplane, and a ship on a ship. It is good to bring it from the suburbs to Tokyo because it is raining only in the morning. It is good to go to the southern island and use it on a trip. One is a ring bag that you must have. Tioga Cocoon Pouch 3,780 yen (tax included) It is convenient to have it! natsuka
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