Leader Bike 735TR Reservation

Speaking of a thick frame that symbolizes Leader "735tr" What is different from 725? The down tube of the frame is a thicker silhouette. Furthermore, because the edge is sharp It has a more wild modeling. It was out of stock for a long time Two weeks later, the arrival was decided.
Welding like a monocoque No losing to any frame You can feel the beauty of an object. The 2013 Model also uses embedded head patches.
Leader Bike 735TR Frame Black ¥ 57,750 You can create a fat image as a expansion color White collar is also available.
Leader Bike 725TR Frame White¥57,750 In contrast to Badman -style black You can feel the beauty that makes you want to see it refreshingly. 735TR is the image of the rider, so you have the only motorcycle. The frame is sold separately. Original custom completed car We have a package that can be assembled from ¥ 139,650. Components are based on Brotures original products We use parts from overseas manufacturers.
Leader Bike 735TR Original Custom Compression ¥ 139,650 Originally, you would have to come to the store and take the time to slowly I want you to assemble a special one, but if you are far away, it will not do so. From the links above, you can enjoy customization, etc. You can do shopping. Please feel free to contact us for unknown points. The arrival will be in mid -February, If it is now, all colors and all sizes can be reserved. Please consider it.
Leader Bike 735TR Frame Black ¥ 57,750 Leader Bike 735TR Original Custom Compression ¥ 139,650
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