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This year was a new year as a bicycle shop, with the handling of e-bike at BROTURES.

BROTURES will handle E-Bike's "".
We have the impression that the number of customers of different layers has increased.

Piste bike, e-bike. It feels the opposite of the vehicle, but both are bicycles, so they are eco -friendly vehicles.
"Mate-X" is often talked about in advertising, etc.,

This "Mate-City" is a model that sublimates into a practical body that can be used everyday.
To be honest, there is a feeling that it is hidden behind the "Mate-X" with a strong impact,
This is also a very comfortable body like "Mate-X", so it has a solid acceleration power! !

Mate City Legacy Black ¥ 275,000 (TAX IN)

The popular e-bike brand "" is a compact model "Mate City".
The only black frame in the deployed color, its name is "LEGACY BLACK".

This color is characterized by mature matte black.

The first sale is a very popular color that sold out by "reservation only".

With a combination of a simple white logo on a jet -black body
Minimal and urban design that eliminates all waste.

Click here for the Kichijoji store. We also have a test ride for Mate-City!

Compared to this Mate City and Mate X

The smaller frame size (weight is -7 kg, lightweight)
Gender -free points that make it easier to drive
The size of the tire width has been reduced to less than half (approximation of general BMX standard)
The fact that it is easy to stop in the bicycle parking lot in the city, etc.
One of them is a very realistic merit of living in a spoiled urban area.

In addition, we maintain the same grade as Mate X.
A 7 -speed speed gear that realizes light acceleration without assistance
Safe and comfortable with the suspension and disc brake before and after.

Although it is small, the functionality unique to is packed everywhere.
It is undeniable that it has an E-Bike (electric assist x sports bike).
It's a point that makes a big difference compared to an ordinary electric bicycle.

There is also such a difference compared to Mate-X!

Depending on how you ride, it will be divided into "Mate-X" "Mate-City", so I hope you can read it for reference!

① Enter the bicycle parking lot because we use thin tires

I think this is an essential item for your wife and those who use it for commuting.

A bicycle parking lot adjacent to supermarkets and stations.

② Mate X is suitable for leisure, CITY is suitable for urban areas

250X is a touring that makes use of a wide wheelbase on bad roads.
One that sells powerful driving.
CITY, as the name suggests, is suitable for urban areas

③ If it is folded, it ’s ridiculously smart

The actual folded images are also available, so we will introduce them together.

With this size, two domestic SUVs can easily enter.
Isn't it nice to ride with her or wife on the go?

Both have good points, so please think about how to ride your customers!

I would be grateful if you could contact us first! !

We are waiting for you!

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