The rainy season's essentials, it's close...

Yesterday, OilWorks Presents -Alea- "The Real O. -Rhythm of My Island LL-" in SOLFA in Nakameguro I went to Release Party to play. Because I went to Fukuoka's beat maker, Olive Oil, I went there. [YouTube] c8n2djs00di[/youtube] [YouTube] LHMD1DKFZEG[/youtube] OilWorks in Fukuoka's artist in Fukuoka where people with a variety of talents gather. It was good to hear it raw. However, I went home around 4:00 when OliveOil was over because I was not well in good physical condition. 。 By the way, every day of the rain. Even if it's raining so much every day, I don't want to go out Of course, there are days when you have to go out. Wearing Levi's commuter pants waterproof jeans and putting on Gore -Tex's North face, Take a Chrome waterproof backpack and leave the house for a few minutes. The worst shoes are ... I guess some people thought they would have completely waterproof shoes. there was. STORM TRUK ¥ 14,000 (excluding tax)
One of the complete waterproof shoes collections handled by Chrome, Truk Storm. Develop a polyester material with excellent moisture permeability through new technology、 Chromium is the first waterproof vulcanized dosses in urban bike categories.
Isn't it the strongest if this is aligned? It will be in stock soon! ! Only one size is available, so please contact us if you have any requests such as the size you want. natsuka
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