Completely waterproof KNOG BLINDER LIGHTS!

Isn't there a lot of people who leaked and broken if the lights were left on? Do you know such a light that is essential when there is a lot of rain? The Knog Blinder series that boasts immovable popularity. USB charging has become commonplace. It was sold out, but it was back in stock! Knog Blinder Lights ¥ 4,800 (excluding tax)!
What a bLINDER LIGHTS is 100%waterproof. It is enough to put it in the water in a cup. And I'm surprised because the light reaches 800m away.
There is a place to be pucky on the back
Attached directly to your computer! And you don't need an adapter. Just insert it directly into your computer! 1200 times can be charged. It can be used semi -permanently! ! It's easy to attach.
Apply to where you want to attach the handle, etc.
Just hook it and take it down. I'm really in good shape. Furthermore, one more bright than that is the remaining one! Blinder Road Rear ¥ 6,600 (excluding tax)
Visible flashing mode of 4 patterns is further improved. You can also adjust the battery drive time. Evolved next -generation USB recharge light I can only think of this light. natsuka
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