Leader Bike 721TR Custom Immediate Delive...

Leader Bike entry model "721TR" The Harajuku store has finally finished this popular model that has finally arrived. And this time, we assemble with "instant delivery" that you can get home on the day you want. It is a body that has already been completed by professional mechanics. This is one of the recommended cars for those who want to ride this summer, ride now but want to ride Leader. Leader Bike 721TR Road Drop Bar Custom ¥ 101,400 (+Tax) This time, a light custom specification that changed only the handle from a normal complete model. First of all, here is the normal completed car.
* This body will be a 2013 model The riser bar is easy for beginners to ride, so this is enough. If you ride anyway, there are many people who want to ride with a sports bike -like look. That's why this entry bike was assembled. DEDA RMH02 Road Drop is installed on the handle.
If you are interested, please contact us as soon as you are worried. If you want to ride Leader Bike this summer, you'll definitely be in this body. Yusuke
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