A 12 -year -old boy in the United States....

Yesterday I found a ridiculous elementary school student on You Tube, so UP!
By the way, like this video, the facility called Woodward is The most famous action sports facility in the United States. Rather a training school. In addition, there are various other skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, BMX, inline, and of course piste bikes There are facilities all over the United States where you can practice events. And only one in China. Some of them are gymnastics and trampoline players Most of the children train every day to practice new tricks in trampoline. Moreover, the coaches are only professionals of each event. 。 。 Even if it is a kicker or pipe, all the landing is a sponge pool. Absolutely not injured It's like Sean White's private pipe The reality that anyone can do in the United States. When I go to see it, I think this is not going to be in Japan. When I saw it, elementary school girls also backed back with BMX. Of course boys are double. The young people who are active in X-GAME in both summer and winter are very many Woodward players. The world's best sports developed countries are still growing in every field. There are more and more good training facilities, and talented players are increasing at a higher level. Japan too. I want to do it. It seems that Japan will be able to do it in a few years I want to do my child and my child! ! This was Woodware next to the ski resort when I went to the United States Anyway, all the children are having fun and challenging a dangerous trick. It was such an impression.
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