To make a bicycle commuting smartly

In recent years, bicycle commuting has become a boom, and most of the customers of BROTURES We purchase for bicycle commuting. The biggest bottleneck of bicycle commuting is You need to sweat and change clothes. If you carry a backpack, you can carry your clothes. The biggest problem is where to change clothes and go to work! I think It's only an example, but I have a shower for a gym right near the company. By doing so, I rushed to the gym with a sweat and took a shower. You can go to work in a clean state.
Although the grade of the gym is different, one of the gyms in any station in this era I think there is. If you work out occasionally, you have a contract instead of a shower. I feel very good. More convenient is the motorcycle station! This facility has a bicycle parking lot and has a shower. I recommend it without worrying about theft! I'm familiar with running I recently learned that my friend started working there recently. Here, the access to the Shinmaru Building B1 and the access are insanely good.

Marunouchi Bike & Run

The facilities that support bicycle commuting are more substantial than expected. There are various problems to start a new thing, but it surpasses it. Bicycle commuting is comfortable if you get used to it, so please try it from this spring. The recommended bike for commuting is LEADER 725TR COMPLETE BIKE!
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First of all, there is no mistake in choosing a simple motorcycle with the finished car. 725TR is a middle -class frame in Leader, and the pipe of the frame The aluminum bids are neatly processed, and the attached parts also use the DEDA component. It is a very affordable body for the finished car, such as using it. LEADER BIKE 725TR COMPLETE ¥ 140,000 Recently, many customers use biclones. Click here for simulation! One year from 11,000 yen per month without a down payment. It depends on the distance, but if you change, it is cheaper than the regular fee.
4-26-31 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo MAP
Weekdays/11:00~18:00 (No fixed holidays) Weekends/Holidays/10:00~18:00