Brotures Limited Convertible Hub

As the warm days continue, things around you will change inevitably. The guitar I played every day became a ukulele Short -sleeved shorts, straw hat, and is called Luffy by children I started to eat chilled Chinese food three weeks a week In the morning, the music I listen to with the sound while riding a chari has always been a Sublime [YouTube][/youtube] Click here for items to introduce in such a mood.
BROTURES CONVERTIBLE HUB ¥ 25,000 (excluding tax) Convertible hub of the world's first FIX/FREE colored in raster color.
I usually want to ride free and easy, but I want to ride with a fixed gear when riding in a glue pride or friend. In such a case, it can be converted by one touch operation in the Push / Fixed panel in the image below.
I would like to put it in a 725TR or 735TR matte black frame.
If you say that, you'll want yourself ... lol It has a good reputation for rotation and boasts a slim rotation close to PHILWOOD as an image. BROTURES's super rare item, which is not only design but also its functionality. Two types of colors, black/red, in addition to Rasta Only one each is. Please contact us before you get it. smile Yusuke
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