Brotures Original "Leather Strap" Restock !!

"Leather" that has come to history with humans "Leather Strap" dropped into a piste bike Don't you forget your commitment to your feet? By leather craftsmen with reliable technology acknowledged by BROTURES A strap made by hand one by one, with a thorough work. In addition, pursuing ease of use and minor change. This time, the arch part was improved.
When sewing up the leather on the surface and the back side of the back side, By putting on the arch more intensely, sewing while bending The shape when attached to the pedal is kept beautifully. Since the shape does not collapse, it becomes easier to put in and out of the feet. The hold feeling and fit of the foot have been improved. There is no repair request so far Please contact us if you are in trouble because you can continue to request repair.
The restock this time Dyeded by a camouflage at Kyo Yuzen in Japanese Japanese and Western eclectic "CAMO"
Price: ¥ 7,500 (+tax) There is no need to decorate the leather. The man is silent, "Black"
Leather -like, you can enjoy aging with your eyes, "Brown" if you like the texture of leather
Price: ¥ 6,500 (+tax)
While enjoying the changes between bicycles and four seasons Enjoy the texture of leather aging. Why don't you start growing from this pleasant season? Brotures Harajuku 03-6804-3115
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