Brotures Carobn Wheel Try Riding !!

BROTURES CARBON wheel that sells out quickly at the same time as it arrives. I know it's light because it's a carbon, but I'm worried about how it actually affects the running! So I will start trying carbon wheels today! ! Until now, I had been running on a test ride, but From now on, we will have it to be attached to your piste bike. It is easier to understand the difference if you get a little speed, so it is on Route 246 or Meiji -dori, etc. Please try it on a course that is wide and can speed! The test ride time is not particularly determined, so please run as much as you want. We have two types of carbon wheels! Front & Rear Brotures Shred T4 ¥ 90.000 In the world, three batons are the mainstream, but I personally prefer four. This wheel like a shuriken is well devised, and it has the same structure as the airplane wings. For example, HED3 wheels have the same shape. The air resistance is reduced and the specifications are less resistant than the spoke wheel.
BROTURES SHRED88 CARBON WHEEL! The 88mm flashy carbon rim suppresses the vertical air resistance and also plays a role in significantly lighter weight. Its weight is only about 900g! The price is also ¥ 55,000 at the front desk!
Please try it at the store at this opportunity!
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