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In the United States, a race called WolFpack Hustle is now on a scale of Red Hook Crit. Of course, Leader Bike USA is also an entry. Apparently, they are participating in two teams. There is no result yet, but I just got the podium on the last Red Hook Crit I am looking forward to this result! Even so, it is a great number of participants. 。 。 。
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Fluorocaku Kikimaku -2014-07-13- Lower noon 11.35.31
By the way, they are riding in the race Leader Renovatio! The previousblogI told you about the greatness of the frame, but then I contacted you. It has increased and has become particularly popular recently. Since it is for the exhibition, please straddle or lift it at the store to experience the dangerousness of this frame.
The front wheel has been sold out at the same time as the arrival of BROTURES SHRED88 WHEEL! The front may still have some stock.
"Sugino75 Direct Drive" & Brotures T4 Wheel! Even if you buy it with a completed car, only the crank should be upgraded! As with the purchase of a car, few people buy at the body price! Manufacturer options, dealer options, etc. There is always a minimum custom custom. Speaking of bicycles, this crank and wheels are the most important parts for running! I want to stick to the drive system. In addition, driving parts are reasonably priced, and wages required for replacement parts. Is relatively expensive. So it's better to keep it here.
The recent mainstream is to use a road type. Not only the racer, but also the staff usage is No.1.

By the way, here is the motorcycle ronesmilation of the finished car

It costs 16,500 yen a month for one year payment.

Screenshot 2015-04-09 18.59.43
Renovatio, which is very popular among staff! The mechanic glue was also on this model in front of Dosnoventa. Please consider it.
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