Rainy day commuting to bicycle.

For those who usually commute by bicycle with the arrival of the rainy season It will be a bad season. I'm also in the rainy season, so if I thought I would buy it regularly this month, I rejected it easily. The day's kids are 1,000 yen, so if you get on the train, you will not be able to eat lunch! At lunchtime, I wanted to eat delicious rice, so I finally had to commute to work in the rainy season.
First of all, I had to prepare such a thing, so I prepared something like this. Chrome Bravo ¥ 18,360 It is very easy to put in and out of luggage with a roll top structure! Because it is completely waterproof, it supports any guerrilla heavy rain. I have been using it hard for more than a year, but the fabric is also strong, so I can only get this bag. I can't think of it! I hope it gets a little lighter!
Next, here ASS Savers ¥ 1,000 Easy mudguard that protects important ass and bag from mud! When not in use, fold it compactly and put it in the saddle. It is quite useful because it responds to sudden rain.
Even more, this! GIRO STOPWATCH AERO SHOE COVER ¥ 7,200 It doesn't mean that the shoes are completely wet, but they guard the mud scattered from the road surface. The zipper is also waterproof, and it seems that you can use it in the cold before winter!
If you look a little warm and wear sunglasses, you will be able to ride a comfortable ride! Above all, the bath that you take in the gym after running is the best! It's like a shower after surfing in the cold. It may be good to try riding in the rain sometimes. As I noticed later, the equipment that I prepared exceeded the regular fee. It would have been nice to buy it on a regular basis! How do you do the dad in the world? If you have any advice, please tell me at the store! smile
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