This month, the wage service campaign is ...

You entered the rainy season. It looks like a rain forecast for a while from tomorrow. This jacket that responds to sudden rain is recommended. Poc Avic Rain Kacket
Sweden's new brand POC proposes fashionable and high -performance motorcycle wear. I myself use it in the snowy mountains. If the equipment is solid even in a sudden rain, you can run comfortably. Even in the rainy season, messenger is still on a bicycle every day I'll do my best to commute without losing. By the way, as the title suggests, I would like to do a rainy day rent service for the rainy season only. Surprisingly, basic parts exchange for replacement frames are free of labor! Why don't you upgrade the parts with this great campaign? For example, the cost of replacing the crank is 4,000-5,000 yen. That this will be free Because it is a real direct discount, it will be a big chance for those who are thinking of replacing parts. Please aim for a rainy day.
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