Dosnoventa Detroit2.0 Girls Bike.

Nice to meet everyone! Today is the first Kiyo BROG to enter BROTURES. If you haven't met yet, please come and see me! Today, I tried a steer drop -off with the cooperation of Mr. Studious from the first shot in the morning.
My face was pulling because I failed a little (laughs) And BMX is pounding, but it is still a little skid in the fix. I will do my best to run. By the way, after entering BROTURES, I lost 8 kg and realized that my bicycle was good for my health again! (smile) I am still training in the mechanic, but I will do my best with my best. And today without compromising from order to delivery There is a strong girl who has been completed over half a year by asking for a frame from a custom -made, painting, parts ordering, etc.! And the second! ! ! ! !
Dosnoventa Detroit2.0 Probably, there are few Japanese girls who are riding a chari so far ...
After delivery, I skided with an extraordinary smile! If I didn't look ahead in this photo, I would have been hundred points.
The handle is a flat bar that is about to start with underground now Suruzuru and cool between the cars! The grip is familiar with BMX CULT AK-GRIP!
The brake is backed by TRP Two rice cups of rice with this method alone!
If you line up with two flat bars, a couple car! How about a fixie bike dating with her taking this opportunity?
Even girls are so cool if they get on the pist. Just cute is not enough! I used to do commercials a long time ago! (smile) We are waiting for you at BROTURES regardless of gender! Please feel free to come to the store! Kiyo
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