[AirSmith] Maintenance tool set that is o...

After purchasing a bicycle, replace parts of your car and tighten bolts. When playing with a little position on the go, portable tools are convenient. In addition, an essential floor pump for sending a motorcycle life! It is said that tires and road bikes are about 10 % of tire pressure in a week. If you are a mamachari, you'll have to put it once a month. You need to put a sports bike about once a week. Instead, the amount of air enters, so if you put the air regularly, it will be about 2 minutes. The brand is "AirSmith". A while ago, the name was changed, and it was a brand called "MEQIX". A country that focuses on manufacturing as a country like Japan, "Taiwan" with a bicycle power country with a giant company "GIANT" in the bicycle industry "AirSmith" also has the same area as GIANT, and has the headquarters in Taichung.
Material, function, design. With the belief to make the highest quality items from all aspects I feel the soul of manufacturing in the thoroughly managed quality. You will just look at the tools and pumps that are beautifully scraped by CNC processing. Packed the minimum necessary tools Tri Tool ¥ 2,400 (+tax)
Floor pump full of luxury AIR Fish Steel pump ¥ 6,400- Stainless steel gauge is the bass (foot part) is an analizy finish of vivid colors. It can be used not only for easy -to -use air, but also as a little or an interer.
Tri Tool ¥ 2,400 (+tax) Air Fish Steel pump ¥ 6,400- (+Tax) Normally, the total amount is $ 8,800 7,900- (+tax) only for purchases in June Please use it as it is a great campaign.
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