Customer's 725TR Before After! !

BRO of BROTURES mascot provided the most cute shot ~ I'm healed. I'm waiting at the entrance so please come and see me ~
Today is the custom bike Before After! First of all, consult with customers who show each part as a maintenance. Please take a look because the image has changed.
The chain that rusts first when left unattended! Even if you do your best and row, if you rust this much, it will be quite resistant. There is no doubt that driving is hindered.
Changed to Vertex BK chain! Reliable NJS Standards! The accuracy of the chain is high and the smooth chain is away It will make it possible to make a pleasant riding.
The front tires were cracked, so change to Continental Gatorskin! Continental is also famous in the F1 race, but it occurs when the tires roll asphalt It is a very strong tire because it is a tire developed for training, minimizing resistance.
The handle uses a complete bike Leader Down Town. He wants to pursue speed more than now while keeping the comfort of the city riding.
The handle is custom to DEDA PRESA CARBON DROP BAR ¥ 29,240! The handle in the foreground is flat, so it is easy to grasp and suitable for a long time. A road drop that goes well with truck frames!
I also checked yesterday's blog and set up the bracket brake lever! Since the handle is a carbon, this is also a carbon! TRP RRL Carbon ¥ 12,000
TRP is a brake specialty manufacturer in Ogden, USA, USA. I have been making brakes for about 20 years This brake is easy to hold anyway! ! The lever shape is bent in two steps, so with the bracket position The brake is easy to draw in either the drop position. I think it is perfect for Japanese with short arms and fingers. Because it is not too classic, it is leaving the atmosphere that looks modern It seems to be compatible with American West Coast parts such as ENVE.
Changing the handle, tires and chains for a completely different custom bike. Just do one point custom for familiar bicycles that you have been riding as you purchased The ride will change and you will be able to experience the fun of riding again. Experienced staff will be kindly and carefully consulted. Please come to the store.
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