Leader Kagero Custom Bike!

On the weekend, weddings in Nagano after a long time, and from the next day, seniors have been outdoors locally. I went to play! If it's outdoors with naganoMUKA OUTDOORIs recommended This time, you can experience reversal SUP and Lake SUP! Go down the Chikuma River 9km, and there are also active points for about 2 hours tours. It was really fun! I enjoyed the local morning bamboo shoots, and always go to Nozawa Onsen. I eat beautiful air and eat delicious food.
Outdoor play is of course fun even if it's extraordinary I like the exhilaration of sprinting in the city of the city. Leader Bike Kagero is the perfect frame for such town riding. The wheelbase (length from the wheel center to the center) is also short Quick movements realize a fun ride smoothly for the traffic of traffic jams.
This time, more than half of the stock has already ended after the arrival. If you want to get it by summer, be as soon as possible!

Leader Kagero Complete Bike \ 197,634

If you customize it based on the finished car that has recently arrived, first reduce the starting price.

It seems that you can gradually enjoy upgrade.

Screenshot 2015-04-09 18.56.40

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It costs 16,500 yen a month for one year payment.

Screenshot 2015-04-09 18.59.43
Kagero is very popular among staff! Narumi, who is a mechanic in Harajuku, is also on Kagero. Please consider it. This month, a great deal of campaigns with parts and tools are being implemented! Please check this out too. Rainy day campaign wage free! Tool set campaign!
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