Those who are worried about the pain of t...

After purchasing a bicycle, you'll get a hips until you can get on for a while Get used to changing the position or changing the angle to some extent The pain is gone. However, in about 3 months, the saddle that changes position and still hurt. It may not fit your body. However, the racing saddle starts at around 15,000 yen. If it didn't fit It will be a painful expense. So here is a saddle that can solve the pain with a considerable probability! TRK Man ¥ 5,600
The cushioning is very high and the seating surface is wide. The center part is thoroughly removed so as not to compress the urethra. Many men will feel the feeling of being free around the crotch. In addition, the tip of the saddle is lowered, so the forward leaning posture is very easy! Even if you ride a long ride, the damage to the buttocks will almost disappear. Please try it.
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