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It is sold out immediately after the arrivalCINELLI MASH BULLHORN BAR ¥ 17,500 (excluding tax)Is back in stock! !

Legendary San Francisco crew [Mash].

They are extremely popular with macaframa in the piste movie.

With the most popular reputation in the world, the three most popular Italian manufacturers [CINELLI]

Collaboration is a topic every time.

Width: 40cm

Clamp diameter: 31.8mm

Weight: 290g Material: Aluminum


Using 6066 T6 aluminum, processing accuracy on both the outside and inside

It is manufactured by CNC processing that can be raised.

Cutting marks that remain on the surface, rising logo that symbolize the top cap Mash,

The CINELLI logo engraved on the body makes you feel a high sense in terms of design.

This is even more rare!

CINELLI MASH ROAD Drop ¥ 16,000 (excluding tax)

The shape is said to be the latest shape anatomic shallow among the road handles. The characteristics are short reach, more flat than track handles. Because the lower han is close to the stem, it is easy to grasp and in a position that is easy to change! It is very easy to use when you go uphill and top speed at once. Now road drop is the number of uses in the staff. You can test drive at the store so please try it!
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