Fi'zi: K (Fizik) Arione K: IUM (KIUM) STD...

The first Fizik ARIONE STD saddle is asked to upgrade the saddle! It is a thin and clean road saddle Surprisingly, the cushioning is solid, and the first racing saddle can be used without resistance. Wing flex has a flexible and excellent shock absorption of the rear position. Wingflex is a technology designed to shell according to the movement of the inner thigh. The inner thigh is hooked, enabling smooth pedaling. When you actually use it, the impression is that the thigh movements are very free! It realizes smooth pedaling. In addition, dedicated lights are also sold, and the lights that have been attached to the seat post so far It will be neat here. The area around the rear is refreshing and the design is quite good. Very good compatibility with aero frames such as LEADER There is no doubt that the comfort will be even better. Please try it. Fi'zi: K (Fizik) Arione K: IUM (KIUM) STD SADDLE ¥ 15,250
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