Continental Gatorskin Restock! !

Speaking of tires that skid freaks love, this is the case. Continental Gatorskin ¥ 5,500 (tax included)Is back in stock! Generally, it is famous as a tire used by road racers for training! That means it is strong against punk and lasts a long time. The racer is about 200km for one ride, so it must be quite tough tires It will hinder training. Of course, there is only continental, reducing the friction generated on the tires and the road surface. The performance is utilized for a piste bike as a tire with high rotation. Furthermore, if you have been replacing tires many times with cheap tires that are strong on skids If you use this tire for a long time, the riding comfort is better and there are fewer replacements. Isn't it eco -friendly? Good design! The orange mesh line is also a color custom. Don't you think that tires will not change? You can clearly feel it, so please try it!
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