Upgrade your bike vo.5

This series was a long time ago. I didn't forget it! I was just a little inadvertent. It's been a long time after a long time. Until now, it was a replacement of frame riding, but this time it is an introduction to upgrading parts. Let's see Before immediately.
Customer's favorite car is Scratched Polish, a spot color of this year's Leader Bikes 725TR! It's all -black basic custom. What kind of transformation does this bike do? Don!
Isn't it a ridiculous monster bike! I can't believe it is really the same bike. Most of the parts except the handle are customs, so that's right. Then close up custom parts! !
BROTURES T3 WHEEL Front ¥ 90,000 (+Tax)
BROTURES SHRED88 Wheel Rear ¥ 59,000 (+tax) The wheels will be this teppan setup! It's a cool combination for everyone. Even underbody is particular about it.
SRAM OMNIUM ¥ 37,000 (+tax) This is definitely a choice. Speaking of the origin of the direct crank in the fix, Omnium. Since the rigidity is higher than the normal square taper crank, the power loss of the pedaling is reduced to the limit. The stem and seat post have a sense of accuracy and unity with Thomson.
Thomson X4 STEM ¥ 8,400 (+tax)
Thomson Elite Setpost ¥ 8,400 (+Tax) It is a masterpiece that luxuriously dropped the cutting technique that can be used by aircraft into bicycle parts. Above all, the cospa is attractive. Thomson keeps the price while overseas products are raising prices all over the place. If you look for another manufacturer with the same precision, you will not be able to buy it at this price. How was it this time like that?
I wonder if it would be fun if I could upgrade such a luxurious. 。 This is not the case, but we are also accepted as needed for custom consultations with more condition with the cost as much as possible. Take your motorcycle and running to another step up. WHO'S NEXT!
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