Crujin comfortably!

The popular cruiser sold out every year is available again this year! !
T19 × How I Roll Two-Four BMX CRUISER ¥ 78,000 (+tax) Collaboration bike with T19, a legend skating team in Tokyo. This movie, where SHINGO also appears, is always cool! To be honest, I want the bicycle I want most now. 。 While I'm a magic sashimago to buy it, it's a little remaining in stock. 。 。 After all, it seems that there is not much grace this year. Please all as soon as possible!
Such items are also available accordingly!
T-19 × KUWAHARA Free WHEEL 16T There are few recommended ratchet sounds recommended for single speed bikes and BMX, with a unique ratchet sound 108 notch -free wheel. It is a T19 bespoke model based on the concept color blue. It is the coolest when matched to the car body! It's easy to be a title, but it's actually quite fast, as the movie is. It is a cruiser that can adjust some gear ratio and can respond to any situation. If it is not so long, it can be used as a daily reed. There are many people who purchase it as a sub bike. Occasionally, it's a good idea to play the city with such a stylish cruiser. Toshi BROTURES KICHIJOJI 0422-27-6155
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