Bro & Osaka new staff bike "725tr"

Hello! Recently, when you leave the house, the pattern is raining from evening. How many days do you have to ride a bicycle? I'm commuting to the train on rainy days. I want to run refreshed in the rainy season early. Anyway, this bike I choseLever bikes 725 trI would like to introduce you to the end. The selected frame color is white. It is simple and the color is popular regardless of gender. Because it is easy to match any color, it is a machine that can be enjoyed even for the first time.
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"Lever bikes 725 trMaterial of course is aluminum. The material made of 6061 aluminum is excellent in workability and shock absorption. Did you know that it is an expensive material used in the aerospace industry? 725 is the most popular motorcycle in the pist frame of leader bike. Because it is the first piste, it is simple and the color is cool, and it seems to be able to fit any dress, and I made 725tr for the reason that I didn't get tired of it! 735 it was not so extreme as TR, and there was a thing that was able to be able to say to the exquisite thickness! Since the whole figure is up up after the parts are opened to the public, please come along.
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Footwear hardened with brand cloth front wheel Shred 88Bing Web: rear wheel Shred 50。 And CrankBB was ceramic, of course. The chain is NJS, but it uses the long term Hkk vertex. Chilling Factorial 5 The impact of the appearance was emphasized. (the position of the chain ring is dashed!!!) Cog has good accuracy Euro Asia super star By using the chain chain. At hand Handle upIt's summer. Of course there are some reasons why skid is good. Laugh Steal Thomson Choice. It is a perfect stem with both appearance and lightness. Fiddk's saddle Antares versus x The sheet post uses SPCA1. Aero frameAero seat postIt has become a correct finish by using. Then, the whole figure is published.
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Why? From now on, the rainy season and the hot season will continue. We plan to ride group on Saturday.
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1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi Ward, Osaka City MAP
12:00-19:00 (no regular holidays)