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I was claiming to be on a blog in Yokohama someday. "I want to try more than anyone in the company" this time is this part. The two names of "ITALIA's art work" were not dirty. When the "irresistible illness that you want to customize" begins when you occasionally come Like vultures and hyenas, they wander around the catalog and the website. Meanwhile, tires were targeted this time. Before the big custom currently being planned, I wanted to enjoy it with low cost. I will tell you about the big custom under planning again. About the tire Iroha "Junki of YOKOHAMA" gave me a passion. At the end of the sentence, JUNKI made a happy statement that "763 is the image of Continetal". The image attached is a twisted personality that makes you want to overturn. I want to change from Made in Germany to Made in Italy. From the left
RECORD 22c ¥ 6,400 (+Tax), which is said to be the lightest clincher Master 23c ¥ 5,500 (+Tax) that adds durability to record CORSA ¥ 5,800 (+tax) finished in full black, eliminating the skin side Veloflex is the only handmade tire brand in Italy. The most famous is tubular tires that are attached and used. Even in the cheapest class, 13,000 yen, which exceeds the highest class of other brands, is a ultra -luxury tire. In the three major road bikes world, the top team players are in love that they use until they purchase themselves. Even if you look at the review on the web, you will not find anything other than praise. The grinning face of a craftsman who is handmade one by one comes to mind. This tire was dropped into the clincher the know -how obtained with the tubular tires. When it comes to clinchers, the price is quite reasonable. I can't stand it anymore. I'll put it on immediately.
What I chose was "corsa" The wheels are too flashy and the tires are not noticeable. excuse me.
The logo is only one side, full black, except for the visible part. I can't collect.
Michelin Pro4 in Italy is a slick without pattern. German national team Continental Atttack is a sharp pattern reminiscent of cars and motorcycles. Veloflex is a pattern that is often referred to as "shark skin" that is often seen on tubular tires. Shark skin, Shark Skin. It sounds good. Normally, high -grip tires are thick, The rubber may be soft to chew the ground The driving feeling of the bike finished in a lightweight feels heavy. Important for those who are running well, There is a negative point that the feel of the road surface is not transmitted. The sense of stability in cornering increases, Because the corner is the point to decide on a skid (fixed concept) Somehow a straight line bancho. Light driving is more comfortable. yeah? Please remember. The top professionals in the road bike world use them until they purchase themselves in important tournaments. 。 。 The racer of the cornering life is depositing not only lightness but also grip. It is a hat to trust in the grip power. Immediately installed on the customer vehicle who smelled the new product with the smell.
Here is "Record". It is not a HED tire separately.
It looks like tubular tires. When I actually drive, I feel like I'm chewing on the road. It doesn't feel sticky and sticks, but it's still turning the wheels. It looks like a hard tire, but the grip is left firmly. What's this! Easy to run! I just ran unintentionally. It is in stock only in black at the store
There are also color differences and size differences If you are particular, please feel free to contact us. Glue pride is prepared on Saturday, but please come to the store a little earlier. We are waiting for you to arrange Veloflex. By the way, the 763 big custom is one. 。 。
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