Custom proposal with GOLD parts in "Kager...

good evening. Because it was rainy on Saturday, Sunday, You may not have rode a bicycle. However, it was sunny today !!! Some people ride a bicycle after a long time Isn't there a lot ??? So let's customize your cool bicycle. Today's custom bike is "kagero"
Realized by Leader Bike x Pedal Consumption collaboration Frame "Kagero" is a popular frame The material is of course aluminum. 7000s aluminum is used.The 7000s are also used for aircraft parts. Same as aircraft! ? I think it feels sturdy just by the word. This time I chose a slender frame F. Ensuring the wheels Try to customize BROTURES original carbon deep, Incorporate GOLD according to the color of the "Kagero" logo, both the color of the crank and the handle. I tried to customize it cool.
Let's introduce the parts! I tried to solidify the undercarriage with Brotures. F. for wheels BROTURES SHRED88 Front Wheel ¥ 50,000+TaxI chose.
It has an impact on the appearance and further The BROTURES logo enhances the street feeling. It is one of BROTURES's self -confidence pursuing extreme lightness. Not only the appearance Since the air resistance is reduced, the driving performance will be improved !!! And when you are running, the sound of the carbon sounds good and it feels good. R. Wheel BROTURES SHRED50 Rear ¥ 47,000+Tax
Following the wheels, aligned with Brotures, By reducing the SHRED88 by 38mm, Although the impact of the appearance is calm The lightness of the carbon is Pikaichi !!! It's perfect, not to mention the rotational force !!! I recommend it for those who get tired of thick and want to calm down. This wheel, which supports skids' intense rides, fell in love at first sight and put them on their own machines! BROTURES !!! BROTURES RIP CRANK ¥ 21,000-
There are plenty of colors and it has a presence. Recommended for those who want to change the image by coloring. Next, I will introduce around the handle !!!
To give the handle a sense of ride in the city while adjusting the color By handle cut and gold bar end custom by tioga 40rise OS BAR ¥ 3,800- Enhances the cool feeling. Of course, it is easy to ride because the posture occurs. For the stem Fizi: K Cyrana R1 Stem 90mm 7 ° ¥ 11,920-
The material is 7000s aluminum,

It is very lightweight because the bolt is luxuriously adopted.

Also, since the scale is engraved on the handle

Because it has the ease and accuracy of the handle setting,

The ease of use is also good !!!

For the saddle

Fizi: K Antares 00 Carbon SADDLE ¥ 41,730-use.

Not only is it lightweight using carbon, but Both the sense of security and comfort, which are the characteristic of the physical saddle It is maintained and has excellent shock absorption. Also, the side of the saddle is according to the pedaling It is a mechanism that makes you flexible This does not interfere with the movement of thighs Because you can maximize the power of pedaling The feeling of the thigh (inside part) is also eliminated, It is a saddle suitable for the price. The seat post Excellent for high -strength and lightweight parts production, Thomson is gaining trust from many people with stable and high performance. Introducing the ultra -lightweight seat post from the Thomson. Thomson Elite Seat Post BK ¥ 8,400-
This seat post is said to be the world's highest accuracy. Keeping the rigidity required for the fix, the extra parts are scraped off, It is a seat post that keeps lightweight. How was your custom today? Recommended for those who want to customize and custom.
"Kagero" Gold Custom Bike ¥ 334,961-
At the end of BROTURES OSAKA when purchasing There is also a payment method called JACCS. By the way, here is the simulation when you use Jack Slone for 12 times (1 year).
Screenshot 2014-06-23 21.07.39
By all means, with the staff at BROTURES OSAKA How about thinking about custom? We are waiting for you tomorrow at BROTURES OSAKA. U-KI.
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