A fun pisto life! ! ~ Skid edition ~

What do you value when you get on a bicycle? Appearance? Functionality? I think each is there. I don't want to have both appearance and functionality! ! A person. 。 It was a major premise to ride cooler than that, so I practiced a lot at first. The first thing I learned was "skid"!


As long as you continue to move forward, the act of challenging the fate of the fabric, where the wheel turns around and the crank continues to turn around.

A pinist that turns the crank, the chain conveys the power, the wheel rotates, and accelerates smoothly.

So I suddenly stop the crank → the wheels are locked → Kyurukyu Rukyuru → this is a skid! ! ! w

picture? ? It's hard to understand. 。 。

Naturally, we challenge VS to the most important mechanism where the fix is ​​a fixing, so there is something we need for that. It is the spirit and momentum, and the mental power that stands up with a face, "There is nothing else, but what?" The rest is the minimum muscle strength. I will explain again! !

It is a skid to forcibly stop the rotating crank and slide the rear tires.

You may think it's a technique unique to the fixie, but it's fun to say clearly.

It can be said that it is a essential item for the time being.

By the way, it is easy to stop the rotation of the crank, but the power of the rotation is quite strong because it is directly linked to the rotation of the wheel.

If you try to stop normally, you will be brought to your legs and lose your balance.

That kind of spirit and momentum cannot be stopped. Blow off.

Get the tricks firmly to avoid injuries.

The skid is roughly divided into two types, which is to slide and increase the distance, and those used when decelerating. The point to increase the distance is called a "large skid", and the point is to put weight on the ground as much as possible to keep the resistance to the rear tires as small as possible.
Press the thighs against the handle. The crotch on the stem. The body is thrown forward and the face appears in front of the tip of the front tire.
At this time, the eyes are forward and the back is slightly. If not, it will turn forward.
To be honest, the rear locks without weight so far.
Don't be too excited to roll forward !!
At first, I think that there is a helmet or knee pad.
When practicing, let's focus on safety than it looks.
Also, when practicing, let's do it in a large park where cars come !!!!!!
If you skid on a general public road and suddenly a person or a car comes out, you will not be able to laugh! ! !
If you think about the parts, it is easier to do the gear ratio, and the thinner tires are slippery.
The handle may be the easiest to do with a bullhorn! !
If it is a drop handle, the feet will be pinched between the drop partDangerous
I think it will be possible in a wet road after the rain in a day.
If it's a sunny day, may I put water in a plastic bottle and practice while putting it on the rear tires?

I'm used to it.

If you can do it once you can do it, you will be able to skid on any handle, gear ratio, tires, and road surface.
If you speed up and get moss, you will be really injured, so be careful and practice! ! !
At the Osaka store, you will always be lectured, so please feel free to tell us! ! ! !
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