A reasonable and summer -like one!

Hello. The weather was pretty good today! If such a day continues, I am happy as a bicycle ride. When you get on a sunny day like today I would like to introduce a colorful and summery bicycle.
Leader Bike 725TR Custom completed car ¥ 232,963- What do you think? White of the frame and vivid blue used abundantly. It can be said that it is just a summer -like one. Despite having customized such a bright and refreshing one It is a reasonable price. This is BROTURES Magic! Then, I would like to introduce the parts.
Easton EA70 ¥ 8500 (+tax) It will be an Easton road drop handle. First, speaking of a road drop handle "It's easy to take a position because it doesn't turn too forward." "Because you can enjoy a lot of positions, it is easy for beginners drop handle to be familiar." Thanks to these characteristics, you can enjoy more comfortable rides. It looks very simple and makes it easy to match any bicycle.
BROTURES ALLDAY wheel Front ¥ 16,000 (+tax) Rear ¥ 18,000 (+tax) It will be a wheel that will be proposed for custom first. First of all, it is a rich color. This time I chose blue, There are many other red, purple, gold, etc. Blue is amazingly colorful when the sun hits! In addition, it is a cool color for summer. The color of the sky! The color of the sea! Summer color! And the crank linked to this blue.
BROTURES RIP crank ¥ 21,000 (+tax) It is the blue RIP crank that came out this time. The specifications of RIP cranks. 。 。 I think you don't have to talk. And I put it on this crank
FACTORY FIVE ¥ 9000 (+tax) First of all, this color matches the RIP crank It is an exquisite combination. The set of Factory Five and RIP cranks is highly recommended.
Here is the black version. Black is also cool, so I recommend it.
This cool custom is ¥ 232,963. Even if you put "air case", "light" and "lock"¥250,351is. By the way, if you use a jack slone, here.
Screenshot 2014-06-25 10.27.16 PM
Please use it by all means. We proposed a cool and cool bicycle like summer. Everyone will continue to be hot days, so be careful of heat stroke Please enjoy the ride. Bandai
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