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Assassin from BROOKS ENGLAND! ! ! ! ! Classical guys dropped from Brooks, a British brand, have arrived at the Osaka store. It's a bit stubborn, but it looks like a country that likes new things, and BROOKS is a classic but new☆

In the days when there was only a wooden saddle, the comfort was improved at a stretch by incorporating leather.、 It was an innovative brand that helped the bicycle itself. Now, although it is somewhat old fashion, it is lined up in stores as an active item.

It is heavy, requires care, it takes time to get used to it, and it is vulnerable to rain. 。 。 There is a weak point that said. 。 。 but! ! ! ! Only the taste of this saddle can never be felt by other brands. I say confidence! ! !

B17 S Standard "Touring & Trekking "¥ 12,600- +TAX

B17 is a classic Brooks classic model produced for over 100 years. Black -colored steel frames and small studs make you feel a long history.
The beginning of Brooks's history was surprisingly 1866. It is 19th century. Now is the 21st century. Very old age! ! ! It was about 10 years later that I started making saddles in earnest.
And the B17 standard that arrived this time was born in 1890! ! ! !
120 years, long -selling is also moderate! !

When it comes to leather saddles, the buttocks are super painful at the beginning of riding, a torture chair, etc.
Anyway, at first it is the image of "painful", but in fact the opposite!
Gon when you hit it by hand! Gon! Gon! And there is a sound like hitting the board
Is it okay to sit in such a thing?This is a pretty anxiety. 。 。
But when you actually sit down, it will be moderate and the ride is good! It is a popular saddle because it has a wide width and a short total length, so it is easy to sit and rides for a long time.
It is only in the store, so we recommend you to buy as soon as possible! ! ! Ray Victor.
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