good evening! This time, custom CINELLI MASH PARALLAX! It was a pretty nice feeling! The model to be introduced today is the brand Cinelli that represents Italy. Legendary piste crew mash collaboration frame "Parallax" The Histograph released earlier is different, PARALLAX has a horizontal top tube, The color inside the fork is purple, red and blue inside the stay It features bold coloring and unusual design. I think it's a perfect frame for those who are different from people. The logo on the head part with high design is also popular !!! A bicycle race tube is also made for the frame material Use Colombus aluminum pipe, Air Plane. 7005 Aluminum triple vated tube. Lightweight is as good as the carbon frame. This pipe is also used in Histograph. The strength is increased by increasing the lower side of the heavy load of the head tube. This type is a standard that is becoming mainstream on roads. There is no problem with the strength of the street ride! Then immediately CINELLI MASH PARALLAX Custom bike ¥ 289,000-.
How about that? You may think that the color of the wheel is lively. Click here for the reason!
By bold color and unusual design Boldly impact on the wheels, In addition, the stay is also blue because one side is blue, and the sense of unity with the frame is emphasized. WheelsBROTIURES ALLDAY 42mm Wheel ¥16,000(+Tax)〜 The color is abundant, so it is easy to arrange coloring. Lightness and accuracy are perfect for street rides. By using a Japanese shield bearingThe rotation is also ink!! moreover, BROTURES original wheel that can be recommended because the price is reasonable! Next is around the handle.
HandleDEDA Street-Issimo Handle Black ¥4,500-(+Tax)is. Compact size slightly narrower than shoulder width, It is a stylish handle that looks cool and looks cool. There is no doubt that the rigidity and lightness suitable for street rides. In addition, it is easy to ride in the city in the position where the body happened, so One of the handles that boosts a comfortable ride! Perfect for parallax coloring! Stem unifies the handle and brand!
DEDA ZERO 100 PISTA Stem ¥ 9,200- (+Tax)is. The lightness and deep angle (70 degrees) are sold firmly. The angle of the stem is downward, and it will aggressively attract the image of the body. This time the stem length is 100mm, so it looks a little longer, but it is a moderate height by matching it with the riser handle! The posture does not happen too much, not too leaning forward. Not only the fun when riding, but also the appearance of riding is very cool! The saddle is
Fizi: K Antares R3 ¥ 20,340- (+Tax) A lightweight (195g) saddle with a well -balanced and unbalanced sitting comfort.

A glass fiber is used on the back of the saddle.

By combining glass fiber and carbon enhanced nylon frame

Keeps lightness and rigidity while securing unnecessary things, minimizing weight.

The thin look when viewed from the side is outstanding with the seat post!

If you are in trouble with saddles, please come.

The seat post
Thomson Seat Post ¥ 8,400- (+Tax) Thomson is more than 40 % stronger than a typical seat post Lightness over the carbon seat post The ride's stability is definitely improved. Because the angle of the saddle can be adjusted quite finely. The No. 1 seat post is easy to match with various frames and any saddle. Finally crank!
FSA Carbon Track ISIS Crank ¥ 45,000- (+Tax) This crank is said to be the strongest in the truck crank world! The feature is that the durability unique to carbon and the supple firmness. While reducing the load with a unique core not found in metal, The power of the pedaling is further improved because it conveys the power firmly !!!! The luxurious crank set, which is composed of a crank arm and an aluminum alloy that boasts the highest strength, is There is also a carbon adopted, so the weight including BB is 809 grams and quite lightweight !!!! By the way, this crank set, The BB rotation axis requires a dedicated BB instead of a general square taper. With a unique standard, the shaft becomes thicker, so it is more direct running! BB is FSA ISIS BB ¥ 8,000- (+Tax) Lightweight, strength, and quality track crank set with no other! If you don't want to play with people like the frame, come by all means.
By doing a little different from people like this Of course, you can get the original feeling You can create your own original bike! The unusual design of CINELLI MASH PARALLAX The image changes drastically with a little parts custom, You can enjoy both rides and custom without getting tired because you can customize it happily! Let's make more and more customs and make a piste bike with originality! You can also use Jack Slones at BROTURES OSAKA. By the way, here is the simulation when you use Jack Slone for 12 times (1 year).
Screenshot 2014-07-02 20.25.02
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the staff. We are waiting for you tomorrow at BROTURES OSAKA! U-KI.
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