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good evening! It rains and stops today with unstable weather I think there were people who were wondering if they would ride a bicycle. If you get on the rain, be sure to care for it and always Let's enjoy a comfortable ride in good condition! The wheels are indispensable for comfortable rides today I would like to introduce it! BLB Notorious 90 Carbon Rim Green ¥ 50,000- (+Tax)
This rim is rich in color. You can change the image with various color customs! Custom car ↓
It looks like this when you match it with CINELLI MASH The cool image and impact feel up. Furthermore, because it is not a perfect group (850g), You can choose your own hubs and spokes, Depending on the combination, the lightness that suits you It is possible to build a wheel. Also, since the centrifugal force creates a gyro effect, It is a wheel that supports a comfortable ride! ! ! Hed Jet9 Carbon Track Wheel ¥ 123,500- (+Tax)

90mm deep rim, aerodynamic performance, driving stability, horizontal rigidity, shock resistance,

Lightness (Front895g, Rear1074G), wheels with smooth rotation!

The material is of course carbon, which is easy to understand if you look at the real thing and touch it,

It has a structure like a thin rim wrapped in a carbon, and when you press it, it dent.

The touch is soft.


In addition, the appearance of the rim is not vertical, but a little round.

There is, of course, improving stability on the horizontal wind,

For the wind of all angles

It is a wheel that improves aerodynamic performance.

When you customize it, it looks like this ↓

It has a profound feeling from the appearance, and it has an impact There is no doubt that it will be a cool custom bike! HED H3 Carbon WHEEL ¥ 140,000- (+Tax)
Because of the simplicity of appearance Isn't the three batons a product that everyone longs for once? Because it uses high -quality carbon fiber, It is lightweight (320g) and has excellent high rigidity, The bearing part is smooth and turned, and shield bearing is used. The tire mounting part and the brake surface are made of aluminum with clincher tire specifications. The braking force is good without using a carbon brake shoe.
Another airplane Because it is made the same as the cross section of the wing This baton wheel minimizes air resistance Because the air is hard to get entangled, Of course, the rotational force is good. If you combine it, it looks like this ↓
Just customize this wheel It is this wheel that is so strong that it is so strong that it looks cool! Finally, it is said to be the strongest Enve Composits ¥ 155,520- (+Tax)
After completion, the normal rim uses a drill to make a spoke hole. Then the carbon fiber drops and the strength drops. However, this rim has a light weight without cutting the carbon fiber. I succeeded in creating a strong rim. The hardness of the spoke can be set high, so you can build a sturdy wheel. The performance has excellent balance of strength, endurance, lightweight, and strength, The reason is that the material is carbon used in the aerospace industry. A resin with excellent temperature resistance is used, so even if it puts a strong burden. It is a sturdy wheel at all. Also, this rim is not a complete group A type that combines hubs and spokes. This time the hub Collaboration products between Brotures and Philwood BROTURES PHILWOOD STREET LIMITED HUB ¥ 26,000- (+Tax)use.
This hub isThe rotational force, durability, and quality of PHILWOOD remain the same Make the bearing a carbo night,Create better rotation. The sophisticated PHILWOOD hub appearance does not change Limited hub specializing in street. Please feel the rotational force by all means. BROTURES's [BR] logo is also included so it is simple and cool The PHIL WOOD logo is also good. A hub that combines quality and design. and, When you customize ENVN, it looks like this ↓
I don't give such an impact on the appearance The design is cool, regardless of appearance I think the good performance is cool! If you want to change the wheel Please feel free to talk to the staff. We will choose a good wheel that suits our customers. U-KI.
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