Introducing 722TS custom paint!

hello everyone. After the typhoon passed Suddenly the tremendous heat is attacking Osaka. hot! It's hot anyway! There is a glue pride tonight, A hot night is waiting in a different way. looking forward to! ! ! By the way, I will introduce today 「Leader Bike 722TS Custom Paint"is. Please see first! !
What do you think! Custom Paint the Leader Bike 722TS frame It will be assembled. Anyway, this gold is cool! ! I was worried about my customers and I made this color. At BROTURES, paint is available as an option. The normal monochromatic color is ¥ 50,000 ~. There is also an option that can include brand official logo. Since it is a custom color, we will basically decide while consulting about the contents. The most attractive custom paint is You can make your favorite color into a frame color. You can make only one original bicycle in the world! !
Screenshot 2014-07-12 15.57.34
To outsource paint "Tsuruoka Racing" We do all the frame orders, assembly, and paint in -house It may be an NJS certified factory Regarding painting, you are a professional professional, so please leave it to you! In consultation with the staff to select the actual color We will select the color you want from photos. By the way, this frame color is based on the color of this photo.
If you are worried, please contact the staff! ! I also use these parts!
BLB Notorious 03 F: ¥ 84,000- (+tax) R: ¥ 85,095- (+Tax)
Fizik ARIONE ¥ 14030 (+tax)
MICHE SUPER TYPE BLACK ¥ 13,378- (+Tax) It is cool! ! The parts are also available now, so please contact the staff!
Brotures staff We will do our best to provide a satisfying bicycle. Feel free to do any trivial things! ! Bandai
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