Leader Bikes EQNX Custom completed car

Good evening everyone! It was hot today. From now on, a full -fledged summer has arrived! ! I feel like that. I went to work on a sweaty, but this kind of sweat feels good. However, please be careful about heat stroke! ! I will introduce today 「Leader Bike EQNX Custom completed car"is.
LEADER BIKES EQNX Custom completed car ¥ 292,985- What do you think? This time, Leader Bike's carbon frame "EQNX"
Use 3K carbon and finish the joint with aluminum. In the first place, the frame is created on the premise of use on the street, so I use carbon, but the strength is not odd. This "EQNX" is a pioneer in the streets with carbon material frames.
The "Leader" logo is also firmly included, and there is also a presence. Today, I tried to assemble a bicycle with such an ultimate frame. Then, I would like to introduce parts.
DEDA RHM02 ¥ 4,100 (+tax) I use this handle myself. There are two recommended points! The first is the price! The price of 4100 yen is quite a bargain among the handles! And the second good performance! Despite being reasonable, the specifications are high anyway! With a lightweight handle, the position is also attractive. It should be a comfortable ride! !
Hand -assembled wheel ¥ 18000 (+tax) What I recommend is hand -assembled wheels! I use the popular "H Puls Son Archetype" for the rim. H Puls Son Archetype for 7000 yen Spoke is 3000 yen, hub is 5000 yen, labor cost is 3000 yen The total is 18,000 yen. There are many other hubs, so please consult the staff!
Hand -assembled wheel ¥ 20,000 (+tax) The rim used for this wheel H Plus Son SV Black ¥ 9000 (+tax). The atmosphere of the wheel changes drastically just by changing the rim! ! The goodness that is not found in the completed wheel is in the hand -based wheel. Choose your favorite rim, hub, and spoke, The mechanic assembles it at night. 。 。 There is no other loving wheel! ! You who want it! ! Please contact us!
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This is a simulation by paying 12 loans. Please refer to us. Bandai
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