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It's okay to buy a bicycle, but it's hard to keep itMust -see!! Excellent bike stands that can be placed horizontally and choose vertical placement are available at the Osaka store! ! For enthusiasts who enjoy expensive and high -spec fist bikes, "indoors" are the absolute conditions for storage! ! ! However, there are many users who are bothering their heads with a storage location at a narrow entrance and using the wall -mounted type. 。 。 Meanwhile, the indoor bicycle stand that allows you to "show the storage" in the living room. Vertical Bike Stand ¥ 7,600- + TAX Appears at the Osaka store! ! ! ! ※Quote photos from Yokohama store blog
GOOD is made of all stainless steel, so you don't have to worry about rusting! ! And light 500g! ! ! An excellent thing that can store the machine vertically or side by side according to the layout of the place and room you want to place and the atmosphere.
For a piste bike enthusiast who pours time, money and affection into his car, this is an epoch -making product that allows you to love your car as an "interior" even if you are not on a bicycle. We think it should provide new value, not just to resolve the worries of storage methods. If you can't have a strut, if you are an independent type, it seems that the vertical type is more clear and more space -saving than a horizontal type. Even if there are two or three piste bikes, it seems okay if you buy another one and put it side by side.★ The number of this arrival is limited. We recommend buying as soon as possible.
Ray Victor.
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