Would you like to make one of your specia...

Good evening everyone. I'm sorry. Today I would like to introduce a bicycle of customers near the delivery.
What do you think? It is a very high -spec bicycle. Customer wishes are "bicycles dedicated to running" Finished to the maximum specifications to that hope.
Thomson Masterpiece SearchPost ¥ 14742 (+Tax) Speaking of the aluminum shaved set post, Thomson! Among them, the Masterpiece model is overwhelmingly light. It is a gem that reliably responds to the wishes of customers seeking light weight, strength, and stability.
GREDDY Mohawk Hub Rear ¥ 24000 (+Tax) First of all, the beauty of polished and a presence. The compatibility when assembled with a polish spoke is outstanding. Above all, the most attractive is the "around Yabasa". Anyway, the feature is that the way you go around is amazing. It is also a fall, so please try it. This is a hub that does not know to stop.
To finish this bicycle, I consulted variously and worked out. I spare time to make a special one. Bicycles that are completed by kneading are one that is more important to attach. If you are worried, please catch the staff and consult. Let's make "one of the specialty" with our staff! Bandai
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