If you ride a bicycle, it's Chrome! !

Good evening. I'm sorry. It's raining today. I feel like the weather is not good recently. It's a strange weather continuation, but let's enjoy the last summer! By the way, today, we will introduce a required item to ride a bicycle cool! ! The brand is "Chrome".
The policy that Chrome has pierced from the beginning of its founding is "I will continue to create products that are pursued by the person who are used and pursued functions according to the purpose." It is a brand established by men who are not satisfied with messenger bags in the world.。 In 1995, they gathered waste materials and made a messenger bag using tough materials. The messenger bags they made were the best quality, so the bags are required by many people, and the bag is started as a business. Now, based in San Francisco, we are developing a wide range of items loved by the world's riders, including shoes and apparel. Working such a "highest peak bag"Chrome shoes have arrived at Brotures OSAKA.
How is it? It's just purely cool. A duck pattern shoes that are popular with dark blue shoes. All you care about. So, I would like to introduce one by one.
Chrome Truk Navy \ 8000 (+Tax) Navy colors are available! Chrome shoes are recommended for those who ride a bicycle anyway! ! "Durable making", "exquisite fit to the feet", "design" I think this three beats are necessary points to ride a cool bicycle. First of all, durable making! First, the strength of the sole! I love these shoes different colors, and I often do foot braking, but I can hardly cut them. The sole disappears as soon as I do foot brake with other shoes, This shoe hardly can hardly be cut. 。 。 You can see the strength of the Sole of the Chrome shoes. Shoes with a solid sole are comfortable to walk and can be used by customers for a long time. The comfort is outstanding even though it is so strong.
Chrome Mirco ¥ 7000 (+Tax) These two pairs are specialized in design! ! The first thing that you notice is the reflector on the heel part! It is an essential item for driving a bicycle at night. Naturally, it runs with a red light, but if you have a plus reflector, it is safer. And it is cool because it is a reflector logo with a good design. In addition, the "duck pattern" is always useful as a fashionable item. I think it's a great shoe to use everyday. The "olive" color is the best color for the coming season "Autumn". Such colored shoes are recommended because they are easy to match with clothes. Also, Chrome's shoes are made with a commitment to making. It is the pressure of the sole. Compared to other shoes, the effort to be pressed is not odd. that's why
Screenshot 2014-08-28 20.13.06
I don't have to worry about it. As I mentioned earlier, the strength of the sole is coming from this kind of commitment! Ask the staff about the size of the shoes! We are waiting for you. Then it's time for the weather forecast.
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It looks like the weather! ! Bandai
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